Vale Community Methodist Church


We have a passion for relationships

Every two weeks we meet together in Cell. Relational groups that are based around certain principles.

Every Group has a Main Leader who spiritually cares for the group.

Every group has a Pastor, who is responsible for the pastoral care of each member of Cell.

What do we do in Cell?

1. Have fun - Church is meant to be about fun.

2. Study The Bible together - to understand about faith.

3. Pray together, pray for one another and care about each other.

We meet 

:Every other Wednesday 7 p.m. at 4077 Kochsmeier Road, Vale. Studying Christian Basics. (Rural Cell)

:Sunday at 3888 Birch Road. New Study starting (Rural Cell).

Wine and the Word, Monthly for those over 21

You only have to go to one of them though.

Please check Google Calendar for when the next meeting is.

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